Who we are


We are a mexican company that for more than 29 years have connected industries through diverse solutions within the manufacturing industry.

During all these years at a national level we have consolidated as leading company in distribution and technical support in industrial, commercial and residential solutions.

Being a national recognized company, our compromise is to supply the highest quality through specialized products in the areas of electrical and communications. Based on our beliefs and values, our objective is to give always the best service to our clients, yielding integral solutions in:automatization and control, electric cabling, channelling, ICT Networks, illumination, tools and accessories.

In Marathon Group we believe in the creation of commercial alliances with our clients, though these they may position with the higher quality standards within the market.

Standing out due to our service, with our corporate office in Pueblawe have strategic distribution centres in Querétaro, Villahermosa, Coatzacoalcos and CDMX. In addition, we have highly qualified staff to immediately attend to the needs of our clients.


Project Consulting

Marathon Group specialists have an extensive experience in different industrial fields, offering advice on the technical specification of projects.

Express Delivery

We have strategic ground and air alliances to meet the demands of our clients' time, thus ensuring a "Just in Time" supply chain.


We understand that the handling of our materials and the delivery of the products on time, are essential for our customers. Therefore, we take great care on the packaging and preparation of goods for them to arrive in optimal conditions.


With the team of companies that we represent, we cover the supply chain of products with the highest turnover, which allows us to be competitive and efficient.

Industrial Participation

Throughout these 29 years, Marathon has had the opportunity to collaborate in different projects, which have helped in the growth of the company, broadening its scope and participation in the industrial market.

Food Industry

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Automotive Industry

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Gas & Oil Industry

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Textil Industry

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Construction Industry

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Mining Industry

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Chemical Industry

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Steel Industry

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Hotel industry

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Commercial Alliances

At Marathon Group we are confident that the creation of commercial alliances allows our clients and users to position themselves as the most competitive in the market, ensuring their day-to-day operation and immediate solutions that adapt to their needs.

About us

We are a company founded in 1990 dedicated to the supply of integral solutions of the highest quality in electrical equipment and ICT Networks.

Over the years we have diversified and expanded our product portfolio, being a competitive distributor nationwide. Thanks to our value-added service we have positioned ourselves as reliable suppliers for our customers.

We are a team of more than 50 engineering specialists. We provide specialized attention, immediately, in any of the various sectors of the industry. From our offices in Puebla (parent), CDMX, Querétaro, Villahermosa and Coatzacoalcos.

Value added

cableado electrico y ICT